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Produkte Buch Masonry Drying and Cellar Rehabilitation

Masonry Drying and Cellar Rehabilitation (Hardcover)

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Details zum Buch

Frank Frössel
Bibliografische Angaben

278 Seiten, 226 col. illus., 45 tab.


Fraunhofer IRB Verlag

ISBN 9783816762690

This professional book is a comprehensive reference work and compendium on the entire topic of, renovation and repair of moisture- and salt-damaged buildings. Beside the basics of building physics and damage mechanisms, the book describes products, procedures and systems for subsequent horizontal and vertical waterproofing and it lists a number of supporting measures in the field of building maintenance. Characteristics and advantages are described as well as possible limits of application. Further on the book describes comprehensively the restoration of salt-laden masonry and presents different desalination procedures and special plaster systems. In addition it contains a section on the destruction of construction materials by fungi and insects which discolour and destroy wood, and provides a chapter covering the development of mildew resulting from condensation and its effects on living comfort and health.

It shows preventive and combating procedures for wood rehabilitation and preservation. The book treats the entire topic of moisture penetration of buildings and clarifies the interdependence and effects of different damage cases. The numerous illustrations and tables as well as its practical preparations make this book a helpful working tool.
Frank Frössel, born in 1968; Author of the "Encyclopaedia of Plaster and Stucco Technology" and "Encyclopaedia of Masonry Drying", author of numerous scientific papers and adviser in seminars and lectures; product manager for masonry drying and cellar rehabilitation as well as project manager for building preservation in a prominent industrial concern for building and renovation materials; expert for quality assurance in building preservation and member in several professional associations and working groups for building preservation.
  • Salt- and moisture-damaged structures and building materials
  • Structural diagnostics
  • Retrofitted horizontal damp proofing course (dpc)
  • Subsequent vertical damp proofing course
  • Rehabilitation of salt-laden masonry
  • Biological damage on structures
29,90 € inkl. MwSt., ggfs. zzgl. Versandkosten
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