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ift-Guideline VE-07engl/3, November 2018. Insulating glass unit with movable sun protection systems integrated in the cavity

After appr. 10 years of testing experience and evaluation of integrated systems in the cavity of insulating glass unit (with ift guideline VE-07), adjustments of the testing procedure have become necessary. Compared to the previous edition VE-07/2 (2005 edition), changes have been made to the test cycles and test specimen sizes. This was done with the aim of adapting the testing and evaluation even more realistically to practical construction requirements for many years of trouble-free use. Changes to accompanying standards and regulations were also taken into account. This edition replaces the version VE-07/2 (2005 edition) and supplements its testing standards for future construction projects. The installation of sun protection systems in the closed cavity of insulating glass unit results in a product that must meet the requirements of both an insulating glass unit and a sun protection/daylight system. This ift guideline serves for the holistic assessment of the fitness for use of insulating glass unit with integrated installations for testing and evaluation of the system in the laboratory. Methods for the determination of building-physical characteristics are given in Annex A. Regarding the static design of the glass structures, the DIN 18008 standards series in the currently valid version applies. The procedure described in this guideline is based on the findings of the research project "Integral Evaluation of Innovative Building Envelopes", which was carried out at ift Rosenheim in the years 2000 to 2003, as well as on existing experiences from the use of such systems up to 2017. This ift guideline replaces the ift guideline VE-07/2 of August 2005.

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